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Wheaty Brewing Corps | Black Pils | REVIEW

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Dark Lager
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Whether you’re a craft beer nut or just a casual observer you’ve no doubt been, or at least heard of the Wheatsheaf Hotel. Tucked away in the back streets of Thebarton stands the brewery and brewpub which has played host to many evenings of beer indulgence and live music. A COVID initiative saw their brews head to cans on a small scale, temporary basis which helped pave the way for what we have now. A rotating batch of the latest brewed beers from the Wheatsheaf in nicely labelled 500ml cans.

“Typically Wheaty” is how Jade (Owner and Brewer) put the label design and I’d absolutely have to agree. A mostly dark, clean design but with all the information you could ever want about the liquid inside. It’s become a bit of a trend in the craft beer world to favour design and aesthetics over ease of use, this design sits firmly in the latter. Each can also includes a box containing the tap decal so you can quickly match it up to the beers you’ve loved at the venue.

To the beer, one of my long term favourites when visiting the brew pub is the ‘Black Pils’, a dark lager bringing the best parts of a lager on a journey to the dark side. Whilst it most definitely is a lager, don’t let that put you off if you aren’t a massive fan of this style. The Wheaty Brewing iteration almost borders on dry porter territory with the beer appearing quite thick and luscious. Pouring dark with a tasty looking tan head. On the nose it is a fairly typical lager, there is something there but you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise if you were blindfolded. A touch of spice and a certain earthiness hit mid way. It’s dry but not ridiculously so. Light roasted coffee, dark chocolate and a bitterness that just matches everything very nicely.

It’s a delicious beer, one which feels equally welcome on a sunny Sunday afternoon or a freezing cold weekday night. You want something dark but not the ABV and the weight that a stout or porter would generally bring as baggage. The range of Wheaty Brewing Corp beers are available over the counter at the brew pub now. No core range, the cans will reflect what is on tap at the time with something new added to the lineup each week.

Wheaty Black Pils Dark Lager

A dark beer for any time of the year
At home on a sunny but cold Sunday afternoon. Much like I did.

Wheaty Brewing Corps Black Pils Dark Lager
Wheaty Brewing Corps | Black Pils | REVIEW
Wheaty Brewing are in proper cans and this is a perfect way to start!
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september, 2021