Vale Brewing Gin Sour Ale

Vale Brewing | Gin Sour

McLaren Vale
Gin Sour
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Ok, so beer is amazing and gin is amazing, what could go wrong?! This certainly was an interesting beer to get my hands on. We have been seeing some creative beers coming out of the South Australian Craft Beer industry, which is really exciting. Such as the new Vale Gin Sour that has recently hit the shelves. Vale Brewing was founded as the McLaren Vale Beer company in 2008, since expanding from the original Vale Ale, to a bigger core range including a Lager, IPA, Mid Coast & Tropical Ale. For your more experimental beer ranges, they brand this under Fox Hat Brewing.

This made it quite interesting to see the Gin Sour to be branded under the Vale brand, rather than Fox Hat. The beer has an addition of 23rd Street Distillery Signature Gin, a distillery in Renmark. Their signature gin has an array of botanicals and citrus flavours which is a great match to the sourness of the beer. When pouring, I could get some subtle hints of botanical gin coming through on the nose, as well as some fruitiness. The beer is a pale, yellow colour, with a thin, light consistency. When going in to take a sip, it is quite tart, with a slight lemon zest flavour coming through towards the end of the mouthfeel. Tropical hops are also present, and very refreshing on the palette leaving you wanting more. In respect to the sour element of the beer, I would not say it is overpowering in any way.

Yes, it is sour, however it is still drinkable and enjoyable. It didn’t take a long time to get through like some other sours I have tried. Throughout the experience I could taste the subtlety of a classic gin, however, it was not in any way overbearing. Even those perhaps not partial to a gin, may still enjoy this one. Overall, this was a nice creative beer, which I would be happy to drink again. Great to see these two sister companies collaborate, could we potentially see more moving forward? Hopped Gin?

Vale Brewing Gin Sour Ale
Vale Brewing | Gin Sour
A great match, botanical gin and sour beer.
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october, 2020