Uraidla Brewery Sinister Eye Black IPA

Uraidla Brewery | Sinister Eye

Uraidla | Adelaide Hills
Black IPA
Sinister Eye
$30 (4 Pack)
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Readers of these reviews will understand that we are big fans of what Oscar and the team at Uraidla Brrewery are producing. On top of this, I’m personally a big fan of the much maligned style that is the Black IPA. So to see a high ABV, heavily dry hopped, Black IPA coming from Uraidla, made me rather excited. It’s a little unclear to me why the style is looked upon in a similar way to how you might look at that relative you’d rather didn’t come to every family event, but I think they definitely have their place.

It’s all hops on the nose with just slight pops of roasted malt around the fringes. Stronefruit and blossoming citrus being most prominent. If you hold it up to the light you can see some flecks of red poking through but it’s basically black. It’s quite a strange sensation as you are expecting something quite different on the aroma front purely due to the colour.

A moderate caramel sweetness and a light spice from the rye sits wonderfully behind the dark malts on the palate. The bitterness is light but punchy, I was expecting more which may mean I am understating it slightly. There is a lovely earthiness to the hops which adds perfectly to those spice notes lingering in the mouth and the whole experience finishes off quite dry. It has some piney grit, you are definitely under no illusions that despite the colour this is a hop forward IPA at heart. Leaning much heavier on the ‘IPA’with some light roasted malt’ rather than a ‘hoppy porter’ as many breweries have generally aimed for. Throwing in 19 grams per litre of dry hop is testament to what this was created to be.

Had you asked me prior to drinking this beer which version of a black IPA I preferred then my answer would have safely landed on the hoppy porter side. This beer has made me question my allegiance. Not for the faint of heart but one to get your hands on if this style is something new for you.

Uraidla Brewery Sinister Eye Black IPA
Uraidla Brewery | Sinister Eye
Potentially not for everyone but an absolutely delicious Black IPA.
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october, 2020