Threefold Distilling Lemoncello

REVIEW | Threefold Distilling – Lemoncello

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After a brilliant maiden gin release with their Aromatic Gin, the guys at Threefold have been branching out into the world of liqueurs with the Lemoncello, which was released in September 2020.

Before we delve into the review, let’s start with the basics of limoncello, the lemon liqueur which provided the inspiration for the Lemoncello. Limoncello is an Italian lemon liqueur which has its origins in the South of Italy and is made from lemon peel steeped in a base spirit. As part of this process, oils from the peel are released into the spirit giving it a viscous texture (see the legs on the side of the glass as you swish it around). Sugar or sugar syrup is typically added to this concoction to make a sweet, citrusy liqueur. As a digestif, limoncello is typically served chilled after dinner. You’ll often find it in an Italian restaurant or if you’re lucky enough to have a Nonna or Nonno, a bottle or two of homemade limoncello might be floating around the house and served after dinner.

Lemoncello is a similar concept, but with a native Australian spin on the classic recipe. Made with a gin base (of course) the citrus flavours in Lemoncello are drawn from Sunrise Lime, Desert Lime and Blood Lime – the more exotic citrus varieties that you won’t typically find at your local fruit and veg shop. It’s got a refreshing citrus nose, with an enticingly sweet smell and very mild minty aroma. Sipping it neat, it has a wonderfully balanced profile and tastes like a Meyer lemon or a lemon drop lolly and without a hint of tartness.

Store your Lemoncello in the freezer and serve it neat and ice cold. If you must, you could serve it room temperature with a cube of ice, but you won’t get the true experience as the ice melts and dilutes the flavours.

Threefold Distilling Lemoncello
REVIEW | Threefold Distilling – Lemoncello
When life gives you desert limes, make Lemoncello!
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