Duke of Brunswick GF Tap Takeover Two Bays

The Duke of Brunswick hosts GF tap takeover and introduces gluten free pizza to the menu

After hearing that my favourite Adelaide restaurant The Duke of Brunswick (which is 100% gluten free) were hosting the Two Bays Brewing Co Adelaide tap takeover, AND introducing GF pizzas to their menu in their Secret Garden this weekend, it was a perfect combo.

30 degrees and balmy, first we ordered the Raspberry Fusion, which was refreshing, and of course, sour. Not too fizzy, and a beautiful peach colour, this was a winner.

We then received our GF pizzas (that were YUM), a pint of the Quinoa Saison – which we were lucky to get as it was the last bit from the keg – and also a pint of the West Coast IPA Hop The Wall.

After stuffing myself with gluten free garlic bread and pizza (because why not when you have the rare chance?) I ordered the new Ball Park Music x Two Bays collab – Ball Park Bloom, the new Belgian Witbier. Both the Quinoa Saison and the Belgian Witbier were different to anything I’ve ever tried beer- wise, definitely ‘grainy’ which isn’t usually something a coeliac would say.

I was trying to put my finger on the taste I got from the Ball Park Bloom, and I settled on ‘chickpea’. It doesn’t say anywhere that this is a featured ingredient, so it’s probably just my tastebuds.

Anyway, this was a great night – 100% gluten free pizzas with no chance of cross contamination, and a 100% gluten free brewery Two Bays, hosting a tap takeover of a selection of beers, all in the one location. It was a coeliacs dream really.

I highly recommend tasting beer from the Two Bays range, and heading to Duke of Brunswick for a delicious gluten free meal!

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april, 2021