Sunny Hill Distillery Vodka

Sunny Hill Distillery | 100% Wheat Vodka

Arthurton | Yorke Peninsula
100% Wheat Vodka
$85 (700ml)
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Most people remember the first time they tried vodka, and if you had a pretty standard teenage experience then it probably wasn’t the good stuff (I’m looking at you, Smirnoff). Back in my day the best way to drink vodka was the quickest way possible while taking the least damage – my method of choice was drowning out the ethanol flavours in orange juice. If anyone can change your mind about vodka, it’s Sunny Hill Distillery.

Their 100% Wheat Vodka is made using wheat grown out at their farm in Arthurton SA, bringing real meaning to the term ‘farm to table’ (or farm to glass in this case). But enough about that and onto the spirit…

The first thing I notice when I pour this one into my glass is the smell. No, I’m not immediately cringing at the strong ethanol nose but instead I’m leaning in and enjoying the slightly sweet vanilla aroma. The palate is incredibly crisp and clean, you could easily sip this one neat which makes a lot of sense considering these guys picked up Australia’s Best Pure Neutral Vodka at the World Spirit Awards 2020 in London. While unflavoured, I find it tastes a little sweet as it washes through your mouth. Like any good spirit it will warm you up a little, with no backlash at all – the lingering flavours are pleasant and light, no afterburn whatsoever. If you’re in the market for an enjoyable vodka – something you can drink straight, not hold your nose and shot for pre-drinks – then give this one a go.

I think you’d be surprised to learn what millions of people in Russia and Poland have known for years, good vodka is wonderful. If you want to understand what I mean when I say good vodka – go traditional and sip this one neat at room temperature. Or if that’s not your thing, serve this straight from the freezer or with a splash of soda water.

Stay tuned, we have a ‘Friday Drinks’ series article coming next Friday with the owners of Sunny Hill Distillery!

Sunny Hill Distillery Vodka
Sunny Hill Distillery | 100% Wheat Vodka
Prepare to change your mind about vodka
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january, 2022