Olivers Taranga Vermentino

Summer in a bottle – Oliver’s Taranga Vermentino 2020

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Felicity and Alex take a look at the 2020 Oliver’s Taranga Vermentino.

It’s one of those picture perfect days. You are lounging by the edge of a pool, swirling your feet gently in the water below, and feeling your skin glisten in the warm afternoon sun. You can taste the salt from the water as your hair dries slowly in the warm breeze. You smile as a glass is handed to you and you breathe in the light citrusy notes that hint at the crisp summery flavours that are to come. You turn the glass slowly in the light and you are captivated by the perfect clarity that seems to mimic the sparkling water in the pool below.

The wine seems to capture the entire sentiment of the scene, as though it was made purely to be there in your hand at that moment. Oliver’s Taranga Vineyard have used their 180 years of collective experience to present you with a wine that is the perfect little summery number. It is crisp, but not acidic and seems to dance flirtatiously across your tongue. It has a subtle minerality with a collection of delicate fruits to complement the crispness.Think citrus with a touch of passionfruit and guava packaged together to create a gentle fruity sweetness as it hits your palate.

The finish is as smooth as silk, leaving you with a hint of musk so delicate that you have to take another sip to confirm its presence. This is a social wine and deserves to be shared around. It is ideally suited to an afternoon with friends, lounging around the pool and enjoying grilled shellfish and prawns cooked slowly over the barbecue. If cheese platters are more your thing, this Vermentino will be a welcome guest. It is the ultimate summer companion; even the scent is reminiscent of sea spray.

As the days get cooler, you can take out a bottle and allow this wine to transport you back to those warm days and sunshine. Oliver’s Taranga Vineyard have clearly achieved a miracle with this wine, capturing summer in a bottle so that it can be enjoyed all year round.

Olivers Taranga Vermentino
Summer in a bottle – Oliver’s Taranga Vermentino 2020
Summer in a bottle
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