Sidewood Estate Strawberry Apple Cider

Sidewood Estate | Strawberry Apple Cider

Oakbank | Adelaide Hills
Strawberry Apple Cider
$100 (Carton 24)
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I love a good back story, and Sidewood Estate are no exception. It’s quite humbling to know how many amazing beer, cider, wine and gin producers we have in South Australia, especially when their products taste so bloody good. Sidewood Estate are located in Oakbank in the Adelaide Hills, and are known for predominantly their wines. But when it comes to their cider, Sidewood say it’s all about capturing the real flavours of the fruit. And you’ll find that in both their classic apple and pear ciders, but also in their interesting combos, including this strawberry apple cider.

When pouring it into a glass, you’re hit with fruity strawberry notes. Taking that first sip, you get a burst of strawberry, then the apple comes through, and then they both come together to give what Sidewood themselves describe as a ‘strawberries and cream’ mouthfeel, which is spot on. Delish! Something I personally love about their cider is that no sugar is added, and in fact, it is made from 100% crushed strawberries and apples. In my eyes, strawberry and apple is a brilliant combination, and of course with both fruits being handpicked from Uraidla and Lenswood respectively, it makes it taste even better. And because they taste, and are, just fresh fruit, that counts as my daily serving of fruit, right?

Their handcrafted ciders are sourced only from orchards in the Adelaide Hills. It is a six-week process, which starts with the fruit being hand-picked for both flavour and acidity. To keep that amazing fresh and natural flavour, the fruit is crushed and the cool fermented at the Sidewood Cidery within hours of picking, to produce these tasty creations we now get to enjoy! Being coeliac, I also love that it is labelled gluten free, as well as vegan friendly.

These ciders are definitely something to try on a hot day. But watch out, you could sink these pretty easily without realising, or remembering that they are 8% alcohol volume. Yep, while doing this review I had to check the ABV and was shocked when I realised it was an 8%er. It gets you every time! Overall, it definitely has quite an intense flavour, and a great balanced feel of sweet and dry, giving that tangy and bitter cider taste, while still staying refreshing and easy to drink.

Sidewood Estate Strawberry Apple Cider
Sidewood Estate | Strawberry Apple Cider
Definitely a fruity cider, with strong strawberry flavours, yet balanced, and easy to drink.
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october, 2020