Shapeshifter Shot in the Dark Coffee Stout

Shapeshifter Brewing Co and Hark Coffee join forces on a coffee stout collab for the cold nights ahead

Coffee Stout
Shot in the Dark
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by Hannah Monks | Photos by Graild

Shapeshifter does it again! ‘Shot in the Dark’ Coffee Stout is another great release from these Adelaide hype brewers.

Shapeshifter Brewing Co. is a brewery in Adelaide with a heavy focus on modern and exciting beers. Brewed in small batches they can create experimental beers using fresh ingredients. The latest release is a project with Hark! Coffee Roasters, a passionate Adelaide team serving great coffee! A collaboration of fluid bed roasted, 100% organic Ugandan and Peruvian coffee beans, providing a smooth, well-rounded flavour with a delicious coffee hit.

A well-balanced beer, rich in flavours. To the nose, roasted coffee is prominent, which gives a promise for that late afternoon caffeine boost, a definite win for those who love a coffee hit like me. This beer uses a base of dark malt and oats. The malt is American Ale, Light Choc, Black, Extra Special, Caramunich III and Rolled Oats. Warrior and Mt Hood hops provide a slightly bitter end. This coffee stout has a light mouthfeel with a subtle creamy texture. It is sweet, but in no means overpowering as the mouth is taken on a caffeine and dark chocolate journey.

The beer sits at 6.5%, 1.9 standard drinks per can. Making it quite easy to drink in comparison to some of the big boozy stouts we have been seeing more of lately. Overall, an enjoyable stout. Exciting to see a fun collaboration between two local Adelaide businesses. Certainly, a great mash of flavours. Coffee and beer, is there anything better as the weather starts to cool? Glad to have picked it up, especially drinking it over the long Easter weekend. Went well with some chocolate bunnies. If you see it grab it!

Shapeshifter Shot in the Dark Coffee Stout
Shapeshifter Brewing Co | Shot in the Dark
Adelaide collaboration, providing bold coffee and malt notes.
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april, 2021