Ricca Terra Juicy June Blend

Ricca Terra | Juicy June 2020

Blend | Negroamaro & Grenache
Juicy June
$22-24 (Bottle)
Selected Bottle Shops | ONLINE

For breakfast? Could be! I think best served slightly chilled. At Graild we have always been fans of Ricca Terra so this was an easy sell on a Thursday night for me. Ricca Terra have been producing some absolutely fantastic blends from their base situated in Barmera in the Riverland.

This is a super youthful wine- one I wish I had discovered in my earlier days. Though I have always drunk wine- I really wish I had discovered fresher, poppier wines for those beach nights and hangs with the girls.

The blend is Negroamaro & Grenache. The grapes are hand picked, fermented in old oak and then bottled all within a few weeks. We are constantly surprised by the many grape varieties we keep coming across that are found in southern Italy! With our climate changing, we will probably begin to see more of these varietals. With wines like this, we are okay with that!

The fullness of flavour reminds me of a freshly squeezed juice at breaky, under-ripe strawberry notes and hints of rhubarb on the backend. Fresh, young and outrageously drinkable.

At just $22.50 a bottle, it’s a bargain!

We picked this up at the Torrens Arms Hotel bottle shop but check out our map below for places near you which will likely stock or be happy to order this for you!

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june, 2021