OLeary Walker Nero DAvola

REVIEW | O’Leary Walker – Nero D’Avola 2020

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Nero D'Avola
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It is a cool night and there is a soft baseline reverberating from the stereo. The fire is crackling and the scent of slow-cooked meat is permeating the air. It’s a Saturday and you can just about taste the first sip of the red you will open to begin your night. But which bottle will you choose? You need something that is complex enough to be savoured on its own, but equally able to lean into the rich meaty flavours of the lamb roasting in the oven. You hover over the classics, but what you are really craving is something that you will enjoy so much that you will still be able to recall the flavour tomorrow. And that’s when you will remember that new seasonal release you picked up from O’Leary Walker; a richly flavoured Nero D’Avola. And before you have even finished pouring your glass you will be seduced by the warm woody scent of french oak and red fruit.

This new release is an instant sensation. It has the easy drinkability of a Nero D’Avola, but the six months on French oak give it a depth and complexity that make it a wine to bring out for a special occasion. I am not a massive fan of winter, but this wine makes me long for cool rainy nights curled up in front of the fire. Even before your first sip you will be delighted by the ruby-red colouring that is beautifully dark for such a young wine. The heady oak flavour is strong on the nose but is playfully met by a light candied undertone.

‘But what about the taste?’ I hear you asking! The complexity of this wine makes it a delightful three-tier experience. The rich blackberries and red fruit will welcome you with your first sip before moving into a dry pepperiness with hints of clove. And finally to finish you will be left with a sweet cherry hit.

The texture is as pleasurable as the first taste, it has a rich mouthfeel with artfully balanced tannins. This wine will pair beautifully with rich, wintery meats accompanied by roasted potatoes and thick sauces. It will lock into those hearty flavours and amplify your experience. But if meat isn’t your jam, then you are in luck, as this wine is vegan and would be a delightful addition to rich vegetable casseroles or alongside vegan meatballs in a hearty red sauce. The real challenge will be making the wine last the entire meal – so perhaps have a second bottle ready to go so you can curl up with a full stomach in front of the fire, glass in hand, and listen to the rain falling serenely outside the window.

OLeary Walker Nero DAvola
REVIEW | O’Leary Walker – Nero D’Avola 2020
The perfect companion to a wintery night
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