Oleary Walker Grenache 2020

REVIEW | O’Leary Walker – 2020 Grenache

Clare Valley
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Felicity and Alex take a look at this wonderful Clare Valley seasonal release Grenache from O’Leary Walker.

It is that time of the year, when the last of the summer sunshine is interlaced with the cool breezes of winter. The leaves are painting a pretty picture and the hours of light are disappearing with each passing day. In this picturesque landscape you reach for the last of the summer blackberries. A perfect fruit, that has managed to avoid the attention of the sharp-eyed parrots and tiny ants. You pluck it tenderly from between thorns and changing leaves, and pop it straight into your mouth.

As your teeth sink into the soft flesh you become acutely aware that this is the sweetest and juiciest blackberry that you are likely to ever enjoy. Nothing could compare to the perfect balance between the intensity of the sugary tartness and the plumpness of the fruit. Now you are probably thinking this is a blackberry review, and I admit that I probably could have summarised in far fewer words and metaphors, however this vision is exactly what danced through my imagination as I spent an evening with the delightful 2020 Grenache from O’Leary Walker. Rather fittingly, it is a seasonal release and like the perfect fruit on the tree, will be an ephemeral dalliance.

The nose, as you pour the first glass is lush and fragrant, with dark berries and cherry delighting your senses. There is a robust earthiness that gives the bottle the structure that you would expect from a grenache. If you are particularly observant you will notice the slight hint of liquorice on the nose, that adds a touch of intrigue. When the first drop hits your palate you will be transported to brambles and autumn leaves as the intense blackberry flavour washes over your palette. It really does taste as though you have just plucked that perfect berry from amongst the thorns.

As you move from your first to second glass the blackberries will be joined by a broader collection of dark berries, creating a mellow and highly palatable wine. Towards the end of the bottle you will encounter a fleeting hint of liquorice that is subtle enough to add a pleasing complexity. If you are looking for a full-bodied grenache that will pair with all the flavours of autumn and winter, then take a walk through the forest with the O’Leary Walker 2020 Grenache. This seasonal release will captivate you with all of its evanescent glory.

Oleary Walker Grenache 2020
REVIEW | O’Leary Walker – 2020 Grenache
A mellow berry-filled delight perfect for wintery nights
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