Mismatch Triple Crush IIIPA Hazy

REVIEW | Mismatch Brewing Co – Triple Crush


Hay Valley | Adelaide Hills
Triple Crush
$11-12 (500ml Can)
Extremely limited
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The Mismatch (single) Hazy was released last year to generally positive acclaim. The follow up Double IPA, in this reviewers humble opinion, was stacked with hype in which it just didn’t quite live up to. A bit of a boozy mess. Mismatch to their absolute credit are back and not shying away from that hype. Releasing a 10% ABV IIIPA (yeah that’s three I’s) in a 500ml can which may only survive an advertising standards ‘please explain’ due to not making an appearance on the shelf for long enough. I jest, the fruit stickers are a really nice touch and the glossy coating almost has you thinking they were stuck on the label post canning.

The tropical notes hit you as soon as you crack the can, pineapple and passionfruit most prominent. It’s quite potent, being assisted by that high level of alcohol out of the can and around the room. Pouring a bright gold in colour and meeting an acceptable level of haziness that despite the can wouldn’t quite have you mistaking it for orange juice. The head is soft and pillowy, almost like someone has tipped a babychino over the top after you’ve emptied the can. Every aspect of this beer just lures you in with an increasing level of excitement.

For a brew of this magnitude it is unbelievably smashable. In fact, that is possibly the only negative I can manage to scrape together for this review. Considering the ABV I wouldn’t have minded a touch more body. Beers this big almost don’t need to be this drinkable. Forgetting this one ‘half-complaint’, this beer is sensational. Those tropical fruit notes continue well on to the palate and are joined by layers of citrus, an orange peel spritz and a bitterness which just rumbles in the background reminding you it’s there but staying out of the fight.

The sweetness which generally comes with the territory in a beer like this just balances out everything so well. Matching up brilliantly with the hero hop combination of Mosaic, Citra and the experimental hop Hort4337 with that malt base to deliver a beer that I would be quite comfortable saying is my favourite beer to come out of this consistently excellent Adelaide Hills brewery. The size of the can almost dictates this but letting the beer warm slightly rewards you with even more layers and a punchier fruit smash.

On a Thursday night, one is plenty, but it was scary how much another can could have been consumed. There isn’t much more to say here, if you like hazy, hop heavy IPA’s, you need to get to your local as quickly as possible because this is not going to last long.

Those wanting to try one of the best Hazy beers we’ve seen coming out of SA.
A Friday night where it can be savoured and you (hopefully) don’t have to work the next day

Mismatch Triple Crush IIIPA Hazy
REVIEW | Mismatch Brewing Co – Triple Crush
One of the best hazy beers to come out of SA
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april, 2021