Regions Bottle Shop Dulwich Beer Fridge

Regions, a South Australian only bottle shop opens in Dulwich

After the sad departure of The Kings Head and their bottle shop ‘Sturt Street Cellars’ at the beginning of the COVID closures we’ve been keenly awaiting the possibility of seeing another retail outlet take on the ‘South Australian only’ model. Introducing Regions in Dulwich. Conveniently, for those pastry fans among us, directly across the road from the original Dulwich Bakery.

It’s a tiny space but the owners Michelle and Jeff Ottoway have definitely made the most of it. Lining the walls with purpose build shelving and fridges ensuring what limited space they have is available to maximise the range as much as possible. The range itself is totally South Australian and ranges between a wide variety of wines from across the state, craft beer and spirits. Mostly gin, as the number of fantastic gin producers in the state continues to rise. 

Originally slated to open back in 2018, the licencing process put a hold on things. The rules were changing in a favourable way for new establishments and a fresh submission was successful…and then COVID. Thankfully, the last of those hurdles has been overcome and Regions opened their doors in early October. Both Michelle and Jeff come from hospitality backgrounds, a love of local wine was the spark. The inner eastern suburbs where they reside was seen to be a slight black spot as far as the independent bottle shop scene in Adelaide was concerned. 

Local wine favourites from the likes of Gentle Folk, Frederik Stevenson, Jericho and Moorak. Sitting in the fridge there are a range of craft beers, a few from the usual suspects alongside some more niche brands such as the Meechi beers from Langhorne Creek.

We have so many fantastic drinks producers in this state that there is no sacrifice to quality or variety by sticking to locally made products. Exactly what we are about!

Regions is located at 65B Dulwich Avenue, Dulwich.
Open 10am – 8pm Monday to Saturday and 12pm – 7pm on Sundays.

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october, 2020