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Hunt for Red Velvet
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Hunt for Red Velvet by Prancing Pony was first introduced for GABS 2017. GABS, or the Great Australian Beer Spectacular is one of the best beer festivals in the world and is held in the eastern states plus New Zealand, usually, this year is obviously playing with the norm. If you’re a beer fan and you have the chance, I highly recommend you get across to the Melbourne leg of the festival. Ridiculous beers from a massive amount of breweries from Australia and abroad. The best part being the secondary events held at craft beer bars across town over the lead up.

Back to the beer, I’m not entirely sure where they are heading with the design but I like the new direction. The golden ‘Frank’ signature is a nice touch and a testament to the legacy/ influence Frank (the head brewer) has had on the South Australian craft beer scene over the years. A luscious creamy head sits on top of a slightly hazy deep red coloured liquid. Aromas reminiscent of those ‘bordering on brownie’ cookies that Grandma used to make. Rich fruit and perhaps a few, somehow incredibly sparse despite the size of the bag in the pantry, chocolate bits, only if you’re lucky. “Is this carub…..”

Caramel, toffee and a hint of booze backing things up nicely with a strong malty sweetness. The dominant hop characters on the nose are floral in nature but sit alongside a touch of ripe stonefruit. Developing nicely into something akin to jam biscuits. Grandma got adventurous.

Bitterness has been kept to a minimum allowing room for those hops to shine. Some concentrated citrus notes appear on the palate alongside more of that stonefruit we got on the nose, sitting very nicely with licks of booziness just reminding you that you’re drinking a 9.6% ABV beer.

I’ve had numerous iterations of this beer over the years but this feels the most cohesive and balanced. If you enjoy the India Red but just wish they’d dial it up another notch, somehow. You’ll love this beer.

Currently available at selected bottle shops around Adelaide as part of a mixed four pack of winter beers.

Prancing Pony Brewery | Hunt for Red Velvet
Another fantastic edition of this malty monster.
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