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Watsacowie have been making waves in the South Australian craft beer scene and impressing us with multiple beers, including one of the best mid strength beers we have tried to date. Sitting towards the southern end of the Yorke Peninsula in the small town of Minlaton we find their very impressive brewery and tap room. For those who frequent the odd brewery, the fitout will be rather familiar. Taps on one side and brewing equipment on the other. A large open shed with a spacious undercover area out the back to really enjoy these beers in the sun. Despite the familiar layout, the Watsacowie brewing equipment is covered in timber giving it somewhat of a distinct look.


On the brewery side, Drew has the lineup of beers focused more on the approachable end of the scale. Well made from local ingredients designed to please both those that aren’t craft beer drinkers and those that are which prefer something lighter.

Farmers Gold – a draught brewed with 100% Yorke Peninsula barley.
Mid Harvest Ale – a clean, crisp session ale.
Depot Ale – a kolsh delivering that same clean finish.

We’ll throw a link to our review below but if you haven’t managed to sample their New Wave Nordic Pacific Ale then you simply need to do yourself a favour. A sessionable 3.5% ABV brew which is packed full of flavour and delivers a silky smooth mouthfeel. Absolutely delicious and one of the best midstrength beers we’ve had. 

Their Jazzy Red Ale ramps up the malt side significantly, this beer was super fresh when we visited and was tasting delicious. The Ether Porter and its nitro version are an excellent representation of the style and Watsakraken (Nitro Stout) takes thinks a little further again. We were super lucky to get a sneak tasting of their 10.2% spiced stout which is making its first appearance at the brewery on the long weekend just gone. Extremely well balanced and scarily drinkable for such a large beer, congratulations to those that arrived during that time. We also got a very sneaky early sample of something which we’ll keep to ourselves this time around but let’s just say we’re pretty excited to see how it turns out. Short term future plans for the brewery have us excited for what is to come and we’re looking forward to perhaps seeing a few more frequent releases from the guys making their way to Adelaide.

Drew and Roxanne made us feel extremely welcome during our stay. The venue feels relaxed, how a brewery, especially one in the country, generally tends to be. The type of place where an afternoon has the uncanny ability to just disappear before you know it.

Watsacowie is open Thursday to Sunday from 11am and most public holidays. Weekends usually bring about some food truck action but keep an eye on their social media accounts for the specifics. We’d recommend you spend at least a few hours here, spacing out some tasting paddles of all the beers but as always just remember that unless you’re staying in Minlaton that you’ll need a driver. 

We’re going to put together a ‘Day Trip’ article soon showing you how best to enjoy Watsacowie and the Yorke Peninsula in general if you are a fan of locally made beer, wine and spirits. We had an absolute blast over the long weekend, between the amazing sights, the interesting towns  and the local producers it really is perfect for a short holiday.

We’ll be releasing a ‘Day Trip’ article soon which highlights how best to experience the Yorke Peninsula on the drinks front. Follow our social media pages to stay up to date.

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september, 2021