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A fresh new brewery in Adelaide's northern suburbs

We’ll never say no to visiting a new craft beer brewery, especially when it’s only a 10 minute drive from where we live. Matt and I went and visited the newly established SixTwelve Brewing in St Agnes on Sunday, keen to sink a few drinks on this 37 degree day. Their opening night was only on the 19th of December, and just by the observations we made today, these guys have had phenomenal success so far, selling out of certain beers while they make more, and having a constant crowd of people coming in.

After years of home brewing and fine tuning recipes, beer enthusiasts Brad and Alle took the plunge to open SixTwelve. The name of the brewery is the first thing that struck me, and there’s a simple explanation for that. Brad – the head brewer, is seven feet tall.

They have plans to create a beer garden out the back in time for next Summer, which would be the perfect addition to the inside setup they already have.

We were lucky enough to see Brad brewing a new batch from afar, with the setup of tables and barrels allowing us to get a glimpse into where the action happens.

The tap selection consisted of a Session Ale, Stout, Kolsch ish (currently sold out), New England IPA, Hefeweizen, Raspberry Gose, and a Red Rye IPA coming soon. Matt had the tasting paddle of four. Stretch – Session Ale, Goliath – NEIPA, Tower – Hefeweizen, and the Tiny – Raspberry Gose.

After trying each, Matt’s favourites were the Tiny – with strong hits of raspberry when you took that first sip, easy to drink, and well balanced. (He went back for a few more after that). And also the Tower – which had a smokiness to it, and the NEIPA – which was fruity while still having the bitterness, which is a good combo.

Little old coeliac me had the Lenswood Apple Cider, which was still great on this sweltering day.

We are keen to go back and try some more of the upcoming beers when they are released, including the Big Fella – Red Rye IPA. Be sure to check these guys out and support local craft beer brewers!

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South Australian Craft Brewery Map

South Australian Craft Brewery Map

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South Australian Craft Brewery Map

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