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Hyde Park

Hyde Park | South

OFF THE VINES is our series dedicated to showcasing a growing list of fantastic wine venues across South Australia. Got a suggestion for us? Let us know – hello@graild.com.au

Sometimes marking at school is a slog, so I like to find somewhere to go where I can relax, be in my element and enjoy the atmosphere. I don’t feel as bad chewing into my evening if I have something delicious to eat and a fresh glass of wine! 

I stumbled across Local Wine Co in Hyde Park and have fallen in love, two days later taking some more of the Graild crew! What is a stand out about this venue is that you can have a relatively cheap night but you have still tasted the world. On arrival you set up a tab and in return are given a glass (either red or white, whatever you fancy). I was greeted by a friendly staff member who was incredibly helpful in showing me how to insert my tab card into the machines. 

The machines you say? This is what is fantastic about this venue – you are given a card and then you are able to pick either a tasting, standard glass or double glass (so similar to a half bottle) and it automatically goes to your tab! NO FUSS! I know some of you are thinking, this sounds dangerous, however it is a pretty safe and small environment where bar staff are able to help straight away and in such a small environment, it is pretty easy to restrain yourself despite how delicious the wines are! For around $2-3 a taste you can sample from their local wines from South Australia, broader Australian and even treat yourself to a french wine without breaking the budget. If you feel like sparkling or a cocktail, or even a local brew the bar can help you out! I am an absolute sucker for a buttery chardonnay or a crisp rose and both times this venue has not disappointed. 

Local Wine Co also boasts a great menu, perfect for catching up with a friend. Even a great date idea? Wine tasting is always fun. This venue is perfect for all, even drivers as you can easily manage what you are having and taste four wines without even breaking 2 standard drinks! 

We are now in Spring and I am sure that Local Wine Co will be my new venue, but I advise booking for their alfresco seating!

There is absolutely no pressure from staff so whether you want to have a big night and keep the wine flowing or a simple tasting costing you $10 after work, you are welcome here. Local Wine Co is just that, local. Not pretentious, not boasting. Just good wine, great food and laughter. 

For, this is my time- chilled out music, Arancini balls, a crisp glass of Adelaide Rose and Year 9 History assignments. Sounds perfect to me.

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september, 2021