Heading to a party and want to make sure you have the freshest release, or just want to keep up date with the latest?
New and upcoming beer releases from craft beer producers around the state. We’ll keep this continually updated as releases are announced.
If we have missed something or you have a product you’d like us to include, please let us know via the contact form.
UPDATED 26/02/21

Brewboys | Hops Scotch

Oaked XPA
Release date: 02/03/21

Little Bang Brewing | Dubbel IPA

Belgian Dubbel (collab w/ Moon Dog)
Release date: 26/02/21

Swell Brewing Co | Feathering Peaks

Hazy IPA
Release date: 24/02/21

Swell Brewing Co | Small Swell 2.0

Mid-Strength Ale
Release date: 24/02/21

Ogre Brewing Co | Amber Ale

Amber Ale
Release date: 24/02/21

Uraidla Brewery | Intrinsic Forces

Release date: 23/02/21

Uraidla Brewery | Sun Spells (2021)

Pale Ale
Release date: 23/02/21

Mismatch Brewing Co | Triple Crush

Release date: 01/03/21

South Coast Brewing Co | Moana Mid

Release date: Early March

Loophole Brewing | Sourloops

Strawberry + Raspberry Sour
Release date: 15/02/21

Ogre Brewing Co | Smoked Porter

Release date: 10/02/21

Shapeshifter Brewing Co | Level Up

Oat Cream IPA
Release date: 09/02/21

Little Bang Brewing | Schwang Mandarin

Mandarin Sour
Release date: 05/02/21

Prancing Pony Brewery | The Serenity of Speed

Pale Ale
Release date: 01/03/21

Shifty Lizard Brewing | Radleraide

Lemon + Lime Radler
TAPROOM ONLY | Release date: 04/02/21

Loophole Brewing | Sourloops

Pineapple Lime Sour
Release date: 28/01/21

Mismatch Brewing | Pink Lemon Ale

Lemon Ale
Release date: 20/01/21

Little Bang Brewing | Hot Trub Time Machine

Release date: 19/01/21

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