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I’ll be the first to admit that my introduction to alcohol as a teen was the typical ‘what is cheap and tasty?’ scenario. Usually weekends consisted of Vodka Cruisers, UDL’s or the occasional goon sack if it was a real tight on money week. In which case the tasty part went out the window. As I grew out of the sugary drinks stage, I enjoyed a variety of cider, beer, and wine.
I was diagnosed with coeliac disease in 2014, and succumbed to the fact that I’ll never drink beer again. From then on it was either wine or cider as my drink of choice, which I was content with.

Although I’d never really had a good look at what was out there in the small selection of gluten free beer, to be honest, I just didn’t really bother looking into it. Upon meeting my partner in 2018 and hanging out with his group of friends who are real craft beer lovers, I expressed my disappointment in that I used to love a good beer, but as I was coeliac now, there was nothing I could have.

It got me thinking, and I started to crave beer again after watching them enjoy different styles and flavours at each group occasion. In early 2019, Hahn released Ultra Crisp gluten free beer. It was affordable (rarely a thing with gluten-free products) and easy to drink. While it did taste like a ‘regular’ beer, it obviously didn’t have the distinction of a craft beer, but – I still enjoy drinking it today.

Later in 2019, I stumbled across Two Bays Brewing Co, and let me say, it was a life changer. The founder was diagnosed with coeliac disease in 2015, and he was inspired to create a facility that made just gluten free beer.
I ordered myself a mixed carton of the Two Bays range, and thought they were unbelievably good (from what I could remember of a ‘real tasting beer.’ To confirm, I let the craft beer loving group try them, and they agreed that they tasted like ‘real’ craft beer, and was impressive for a gluten free beer. Woohoo!

Since then I’ve ordered multiple times from Two Bays, and their beers are now being stocked in a huge range of venues and bottle shops around Adelaide. Now that I’m back on the beer bandwagon, I’m on the lookout for more brewers who might want to bring out a gluten free beer. I’m hoping we can get some local brewers on board!

While finding more gluten free beer is more of my focus now, I can’t go past an ice cold cider, or a comforting glass of wine at the end of the working week.


Most at home: The Duke of Brunswick (an impressive gluten-free beer menu)
Drink of choice: TWØBAYS Brewing Co (Vic)
Desert Island drink: Cocoloco from The Bahamas. I’m also a cocktail kinda gal
Locally: – Unfortunately there’s not really any ‘local’ gluten-free beer around at the moment, but I’m holding out hope.


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september, 2021