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My real love and passion is getting to know the people involved in the industry and having a gassbag with the staff. It’s really important to Graild that we highlight all the people that work to make SA tourism and hospitality what it is. This is where I am most passionate, I absolutely love people and I love hospitality people even more. 

I worked in the industry for the first time at 14 and quickly found my feet. I’ve worked in both South Australia and Tasmania across bakeries, cafes, pubs, restaurants, bars and cellar doors.

I learnt how to match wine with food through my experience across Hobart’s dining scene at the renowned restaurant Rockwall and then moving on to help open St Albi Bar and Eatery where I had a larger role training staff. I was lucky enough to work with Monique and Steve Lubiana at Stefano Lubiana, experiencing biodynamic wine for the first time. This was really my first experience understanding wine making and how food and wine work together. 

The great thing about hospo is that you meet people from everywhere and you always have something to learn, especially with those people who have come from overseas or interstate on their travels. Under the guidance of some incredible women in particular Lou (Queenies, Largs) Susan (Hobart, Rockwall), Monique (Stefanos) and Lucy (St Albi) I have been fortunate to have access to some great beverages over the years and have learnt how to drink better and to understand hospitality and what it means to serve. 

One thing that has really stood out to me- and is part of the Graild philosophy- is drinking better. I struggled with preservative allergies growing up so drinking better wines with less preservatives and added rubbish was really important to me. Working at a biodynamic winery really helped me. This is why I am keen to work with Graild.


Most at home: Anchovy Bandit | Prospect
Drink that started the obsession: Derwent Estate 2015 Pinot Gris
Desert Island drink: Lady NOLA (NOLA)
Locally: Savoury Allsorts Gin | Seppeltsfield Road Distillers


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september, 2021