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My introduction to the world of spirits was not at all glamourous. At 18 years old it started with straight vodka (not the good kind) and whatever mixer made it go down quicker. Spoiler alert, orange juice covers up a bad vodka best. But perhaps vodka was a good place to start because it taught me what cheap and revolting spirits can taste like, which is a useful base when you try as many gins as I do!

I have to credit my friend Angela with getting me into gin. Back in 2017 she bought us tickets to Gin Garden event at Electra House showcasing the Never Never range. They used Australian garnishes like finger lime and lemon myrtle, and spent a lot of time explaining the creation of their gin. Before that I had bought a bottle of Bombay Sapphire which collected dust on a shelf for at least 5 years. I didn’t feel compelled to drink it because I thought of gin as an old lady drink and didn’t enjoy the bitter taste. But as soon as I heard the guy from Never Never speak about gin – from the unique bottle shape, to the design of the label, and the distillation process to bring out the different flavours of the gin – that was it, I was hooked. I needed to know and try more. This began what I would call an mild obsession with gin. I’m by no means an expert, but when I take an interest in something I want to know everything there is to know about it, and gin is the perfect hobby to fall down that rabbit hole.

In SA I think there has been a tendency to look to the eastern states to see what’s cool or trendy particularly when it comes to eating and drinking. But the reality is there are so many cool things happening here in SA and we have innovative and passionate people making brilliant products, particularly in the spirits industry. As I’ve gotten older I’ve started to think more about how I spend my money and have an interest in buying local, so it’s been a real joy reviewing and researching gin and spirits from South Australia

There are over 30 distilleries in SA that make gin, liqueurs and whisky, and last time I checked at least 150 different products on the market to try, so there is a tonne of variety out there. I’m determined to try them all and if you’re willing to listen, I’ll happily ramble on about the latest one I’ve tried!

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Most at home: NOLA | CBD
Drink that started the obsession: Never Never Juniper Freak (with soda)
Desert Island drink: The Balvenie 12 Doublewood single malt whisky
Locally: Anything from Applewood Distillery


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september, 2021