Mad Monkey Distillery – Adelaide’s first dedicated rum distillery opens this weekend

Mad Monkey is comprised Scott McCarthy and Alec McDowall, their dream had fermented away for 5 years separately until they met on an Australian Distillers Conference in the Barossa Valley in 2018.
Alec’s skill set with a background in Science of Fermentation and mechanical systems lead him to complete the International Brewing and Distilling course (IBD) where Scott completed the Fundamentals Spirit of Production course (University of Adelaide, Waite Campus) and has a background in the Hospitality Industry for the last 10 years.

Mad Monkey Distillery is Adelaide’s first dedicated Rum Distillery. The Distillery is located in Dudley Park just of Churchill Road, 10 minutes from the Adelaide CBD. All Fermentations and Distillations are created and manufactured onsite at the Distillery. Since the Distillery has been operational since March 2020 they have created three Uniques Spirits Saccharum, Flora and Ubhal Bakte.

The Distillery boasts a Tasting Room with a viewing area into the still house of our 500L Hybrid Still. A Large outdoor grass area, great for games and is Pet Friendly. They have an onsite orchard which consists of lemons, limes, grapefruit, pears and oranges that will assist garnishing Cocktails and Infusion into their spirits.
Mad monkey Distillery has worked with PAE council and a local bee keeper to purchase a Bee Hive to be located on the property to be installed in Spring. Bees when transporting pollen, bring wild yeasts to the Distillery creating our own unique ‘terroir’ of flavour in their spirits.

Their Barrel Aged Rum is currently maturing away in ex American Oak, ex Shiraz and ex Fortified Barrels. For a Rum to be legally called Rum in Australia in must be aged in Oak for a minimum of 2 years. The first release will be in the year 2022.

This weekend they will have the Official launch of their Tasting Room.
The Tasting Room will offer Mad Monkey Tasting Flights, Cocktails, Crafted mixed drinks, Beers, Wines and Non Alcoholic options.
Food will include gourmet toasties, dip plates and small eats.
Small to large function packages available.
Local artists and other small business collaborations will be a focus in the future.

Our Brand Model is Sustainability which consists of:
290 Solar Panels on the roof of the distillery
Eco Friendly Packaging
In the process of a closed water circuit system of the sill system to prevent water wastage.
Bulk supply to venues to combat single glass use
Local Beehive
Monkeys are fun which led to having Fez as our mascot in his ‘Fez Hat’, we have a love Caribbean, Tiki Surf theme to the Brand and Tasting Room. The bottle shape really catches the eye and has multiple uses once consumed eg candle holders and plant pots.

Mad Monkey are set apart from the rest as they create/ferment all their products from a base feedstock.
Saccharum is a Molasses based Ferment utilising Dunder to create a Caribbean Funky Spirit.
Flora, they make their own Neutral Cane Spirit and redistill it with a Vapour Infusion with only Australian Native Botanicals. Which consists of Native Thyme, Aniseed Myrtle, Mountain Pepper Berry etc. Aromas of dancing around the wildflowers in the Australian bush.
Ubhal Bakte means Apple Baked in Gaelic. They make their own neutral spirit and redistill it with a vapour infusion of Cinnamon, Cloves, Orange and steep it in baked apple and hazelnuts. Giving off aromas of wood oven apple pie.

Tasting Room Hours

WED: 12-6pm
THUR: 12-6pm
FRI: 12-8pm
SAT: 12-8pm
SUN: 12-6pm


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august, 2021