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GIFT GUIDE #6 | Never Never Gift Packs

Image: Never Never Facebook

Trying to convince mum to part with her beloved Bombay Sapphire and try something new? Or do you have a friend keen to sample some South Aussie gins but they don’t know where to start? Well the guys at Never Never have delivered the goods, right in time for Christmas!

This year they’ve released two gift packs: the ‘Perfect Serve’ and the ‘Never Never Discovery Pack’.

The Perfect Serve is a great starter pack, it includes nearly everything you need to make a G&T, short of a tumbler and ice! With a 200mL bottle of the classic Juniper Freak and 200mL bottle of the Southern Strength (with a slightly higher ABV content at 52%) these gins are the perfect gateway to the Never Never range. They’ve also included a bottle of the Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic, and the Fever Tree Ginger Beer, with serving suggestions for each. At $79 this is a brilliant gift option to share with someone who likes gin but doesn’t quite know what’s next from Bombay and Hendricks.

The Never Never Discovery Pack is all about their core range, with 3 x 200mL bottles including the Triple Juniper, the Southern Strength and their third core gin the Juniper Freak, which is their navy strength equivalent coming in at 58%. It also includes a tasting mat which sets out the tasting notes and profiles for the gins, along with advice on how to build the perfect G&T. This pack is a wonderful gift option for the person looking to explore SA gins but doesn’t quite know where to start. Saying that, this pack would also be a great gift for your local gin snob too (can confirm).

‘Perfect Serve’ Gift Pack

Triple Juniper Gin 200mL
Southern Strength Gin 200mL
Fever Tree Med Tonic 200mL
Perfect Serve Recipe Card

‘Gin Discovery’ Gift Pack

Triple Juniper Gin 200mL
Southern Strength Gin 200mL
Juniper Freak Navy Strength Gin 200mL
Discovery Pack Tasting Mat

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march, 2021