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GIFT GUIDE #5 | Shapeshifter Brewing Mixed Carton

Prohibition Christmas Gin

Owe someone a carton of beer but know that the carton of boring imported lager just isn’t going to cut it? Well we think that this may be the perfect craft beer alternative. Shapeshifter Brewing Co have firmly placed themselves right up there with the best craft brewers in South Australia with their stream of limited releases over the past year managing to capture plenty of attention from beer fans across Australia.

Featuring two reasonably new limited releases (Double Time + Cheat Code) plus two previous releases which have been re-brewed towards the end of this year (New World Pilsner + Hazy Pale). 16 beers in total featuring differing styles and all delicious in their own right.


1 x 4 pack of Double Time American Pale Ale | OUR REVIEW
1 x 4 pack of Cheat Code Sour Hazy IPA
1 x 4 pack of Hazy Pale Double Dry Hopped | OUR REVIEW
1 x 4 pack of New World Pilsner

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march, 2021