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GIFT GUIDE #4 | Heaps Good Indie Beer 12 Pack

Prohibition Christmas Gin

The Independent beer scene has had their fair share of hurdles to jump this year. With hospitality venues suffering, the businesses which supply them are unfortunately stuck in the same boat, many having their own hospitality venues facing extended closures. Thankfully, we seem to be on the back end of the virus and close to waving 2020 goodbye.

The Heaps Good Indie Beer packs provided local breweries the chance to band together and get their beers out in a convenient fashion to a bunch of craft beer fans and newcomers looking for something different and local.

Established by gypsy brewery founders Tony Dichiera, from The Suburban Brew, and James McCall, from
Shapeshifter Brewing, in the spirit of indie beer camaraderie, this edition of the Heaps Good is being
steered by Mick Hopton from Over Pour. His drinks retail site was created to support
boutique beverage producers who actively practice ethically or environmentally conscious liquor and
beverage production – “drinking with a conscience”.

“Again, round three of the pack is like a window on the SA indie brewing scene,” says Hopton. “In the
spirit of giving during the festive season, it’s a great gift – but also a great learning curve in expressions of
flavour and quality each time we pull together the state’s best indie brewers”.

The Heaps Good Indie Beer Pack has future favourites for all, from wildly creative tradition-breakers, to
cans with mesmerising olfactory and palate nuances from a diversity of malt, hops, and engaging yeast
esters. In this pack, expect everything from breweries who reside in the heart of grain country to an
intensely magnetising barrel-aged sour beer.

South Australian breweries in the Heaps Good Indie Beer Pack Part 3:
The Suburban Brew English Special Bitter
Shapeshifter Brewing Co New World Pilsner
Prancing Pony Brewery Indie Kid Pilsner
Barossa Valley Brewing XPL
Mismatch Brewing New England Lager
Vale Brewing Gin Sour
Swell Brewing Co Lager
Big Shed Brewing Co F-Yeah American Pale Ale
Little Bang Brewing Co Face Inverter
Sparkke Brewing Red Ale
Left Barrel Brewing Farmhouse All Brett Pale Ale
Watsacowie Yorke Pils

Shipped Australia-wide, or pick-up in South Australia
… also available at some brewery doors
Follow the link for pre-order sales and delivery
Cost: $65 x 12-can carton (which eases postage costs for you)

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march, 2021