Georges Folly Nero DAvola

George’s Folly | Unguarded Moment 2019

Nero D'Avola

Fleurieu Peninsula
Nero D'Avola
Unguarded Moment
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Have you ever tried a new wine and felt completely perplexed trying to place it? With the first sip you have pictured cool nights and a winter roast, with the next you have felt sure it would be the perfect companion to a summer BBQ and by the third you have found yourself imagining a medieval castle with tankards and mastiffs at your feet (probably at this point you’ve put your head in your hands and admitted defeat). This is where I found myself when I opened the Nero D’Avola by George’s Folly. Aptly named, ‘Unguarded Moment’, this wine catches you completely off-guard. We are so used to sorting our wines into certain times and places, that it startles you when you taste something that would seamlessly slide into any occasion.

In a fit of absentmindedness, I had inadvertently popped this bottle in the fridge with a bunch of whites. When I realised my mistake I went to pop it back on the shelf for another day, However, something about the warmth of the evening (and the lack of a viable alternative) made me throw caution to the wind and crack it open anyway. And thank god I did! A deep plum and blackberry flavour unexpectedly hit my palate. It was so refreshing after the months of summer whites to finally have the depth and warmth of a red, whilst still enjoying the chill in the glass that is so pleasurable on a hot day. It was a challenge to wait until the rest of the bottle reached room temperature, but I wanted to see how the wine developed as the temperature shifted. I was not disappointed. It was equally enjoyable, but it was like tasting a completely different wine, the plum and blackberry had shifted to a subtle undertone and a wicked spiciness with notes of white pepper had taken centre stage. It had transformed from a summer BBQ staple into a winter night’s companion.I found myself craving slow-cooked ribs, dripping with BBQ sauce and wished I could materialise my fictional feast to truly do the wine justice.

After debating the best occasion for this bottle, I concluded that you could take it anywhere. If you want an all-rounder, in summer or winter, on ice or room temperature this Nero D’Avola has you covered. It is sure to be a hit with shiraz drinkers in summer, who jealously eye the chilled whites of their counterparts but can’t seperate themselves from their beloved reds. It has that delightful pepperiness of a shiraz but the lightness on the palate makes it infinitely suited to an hour or so in the cooler. This richly coloured red is timeless and perfect for any occasion. George’s Folly have hit the target with this bottle – it is truly a wine for all seasons.

Georges Folly Nero DAvola
George’s Folly | Unguarded Moment 2019
Truly a wine for all seasons
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april, 2021