Frederick Stevenson Wines Pinata Red Blend

Frederick Stevenson | 2020 Piñata

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Despite the name, we don’t recommend you take to this bottle with a stick. Piñata makes you think of giddy summer parties and warm evenings gathered around a picnic with friends. If you are looking for a wine to pair with hearty beef casseroles and winter nights in front of the fire, this is not that wine. But if you’ve got an esky full of cheese and dips, and that one friend that turns their nose up at whites and another opposed to reds, then this is the compromise you have been looking for. It is light, yet vaguely peppery and has a delicious chewy finish. You might almost be reminded of the muted sweetness of a dry cider before the tannins wash over your tongue and you’re left with a mouth feel that is not quite red, yet not quite white. Like it’s namesake it is a delightful assortment of flavours and not at all what you’d anticipate from a Barossa red.

As the afternoon rolls into the evening this wine will open up and introduce you to a complex medley of new flavours – providing you can resist drinking it all in one hit (no pun intended). If you are willing to wait, you will be rewarded with some sweeter fruit tones, and a juicy effervescence that signals the perfect time to bring out the fruit platter. Piñata is synonymous with long summer days and sweetly scented lawns. It is that wine you bring to the day at the beach when you know someone will ask for a glass and you’ll need a crowd pleaser.

As we savour the last drops at the bottom of the glass, I’m unexpectedly transported back to that summer on my gap year in Italy, when I was coaxed by my host family to attend a garden party. I had found myself in a wholly authentic Italian ‘festa’ surrounded by a seemingly impossible quantity of sunflowers. I remember the sound of warm chatter and chinking glasses and watching the sun fade into a glorious sunset behind the fields of flowers. This is the place that Piñata left me; with a vivid memory and a promise for another day.

Welcome to our newest team members Felicity Williams (white wine and beer lover) and chef Alex Scott (red wine and whisky)! We’ll have a proper introduction soon.

Frederick Stevenson Wines Pinata Red Blend
Frederick Stevenson | 2020 Piñata
A light red for summer picnics and white wine drinkers
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