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Paul Sparkes is the man behind the fresh new label entering the South Australian beer scene, BeerNoEvil Brewing. A name, like many in the industry, born from a night on the beers.

Back in 2013 my mate Stu just blurted it out and we were like, that’s really cool.

Originally from the UK, Paul moved to Adelaide ten years ago. Settling in Glenelg which sports a similar lifestyle to that of the small village near the beach in the UK where he grew up. Spending fifteen years attempting to break into the music industry, playing in heavy metal bands and travelling to London during the week. Those 4AM arrivals back home before work the next day began to take their toll

Back 100s of years ago part of my family tree had the surname “Stout” so I figured beer must be in my blood somewhere along the line.

Paul has always been obsessed with craft beer but arriving in Adelaide and spending time at the Earl of Leicester in Parkside, talking and drinking craft beer really added fuel to the flame and set him on a path to where he is today. Like most home brewers, his journey started with a traditional extract kit with his brother, unfortunately like most venturing into this type of brewing the results are not exactly remembered favourably. Fast forward to 2012 and a six week stint with the SA beer industry legend Stephen Nelson’s TAFE brewing course, got those flames burning even brighter.

Other than a couple of short term work experience roles with Mismatch and Pirate Life, Paul is entering the commercial side of beer production from an IT work background. We’re not entirely sure why but this pathway is a very common story. Education wise, two years of the International Brewing Diploma (IBD) have been completed.

It’s one of the hardest courses I have ever attempted but I don’t think I would have gone this far without the learnings from the diploma.


Paul has taken inspiration from all corners of the globe in his journey from those early extract brewing days, to creating recipes for commercial production. In the UK, a brewery called Hogs Black Brewery which made a real English style ale called “Tea” as well as Wild Beer Company, Russian River and the Danish wizards in To Øl and Mikkeller. Lovers of the more extreme end of craft beer will be fairly excited about seeing these names. In Australia, Big Shed are Paul’s inspirational beer brand, being a shed head (Big Shed’s membership program) for a few years now. Currently brewing at Barossa Valley Brewing has also given him an appreciation for how they go about things in the community and a commitment to assisting brewers looking to step up to a commercial scale get access to the equipment they require.

Like many other brewers, the early days of beer drinking included classics like Guiness and Becks plus Murphy’s Irish Stout. Now south of the equator it’s beers such as Beard and Brau Red Tail/Golden Paw and Brewboys Hoppapotamus that have provided inspiration. Two from two feature articles naming this beer as inspiration.


For those that have followed the BeerNoEvil journey you would have noticed the detail that has been placed on their logo design and branding. A marketing plan was devised and after a year of ping pong communication with local designer Nicolas Ely they settled on how things were going to look. Intended to be dangerous and a little bit fun, a quirkiness which helps create a story explaining the creative inspiration behind each beer.

The characters are called “Beerspawn”, (one for each beer) a little army of minimalist demons, each given stewardship over its beer.

You can check out more of Nicolas’ work HERE


The first release sees River of Insanity IPA hit cans first. A single hop Mosaic brew inspired by Paul’s favourite Ukrainian metal band and sitting at a hefty 7.5% ABV. We’re yet to review the beer but style wise you’re looking at something similar to a Pirate Life ‘Mosaic’ for a comparison. See links below for pre-order details.

Second up on the release schedule is a NEIPA of which the recipe has been a labour of love over the past couple of years. There is also RIPA (an IPA brewed with rye in the malt bill) which has won a few home brew awards in the past, on the cards for release at some point. One for the dark beer aficionados is a Kentucky Woodford reserve barrel aged stout. Potentially in line for a fresh batch released for winter next year.

Initial plans were to open a small batch retail space in Somerton Park. A way to serve the community they love with products they produce. Due to COVID the plans have pivoted slightly and introduced the need for a different schedule, focused on canned releases as way to get their name into the craft beer scene in Adelaide and South Australia in general.

The Franklin will be putting on a keg shortly which is very exciting and an achievement of a dream for me to have my beer served in a pub.


Music seems to be an influence, give us three bands we’d most likely hear if we stumbled upon one of your brew days?
“At the moment, Jinjer, Iron Maiden and Disturbed”

What beers are currently in your beer fridge?
“During the COVID lockdown I only drank SA beers to support local breweries which ended up in the 100’s so I felt I did my part to help keep my favourite places open. Last weekend it was all beers from the Highway Darkmageddon event in the fridge including a Stockade Barrel aged stout from 2016 which was amazing. Right now, I have Barossa Valley’s Peanut Butter Stout, Little Bang’s Sludgebeast, KBS stout as well as the new Beernoevil IPA cans and a homebrew stout on tap.”

How do you want to be seen in the industry?
“We want that community hub for our locals and I just want everyone to enjoy our beers and concept. The main thing for me is making sure the beer is the best quality product we can make”

“The SA brewing scene is so great, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else right now. The support that you get from locals and other breweries is amazing and we are very thankful for that. A brewery sounds glamorous but the amount of work and expense involved means it really has to be something you are passionate about to take it to a commercial level. We love a challenge though”

BeerNoEvil’s first release is available from the pre-order link below. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram and keep an eye on their producer page at Graild for all reviews and events as they come to hand.

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