Beer and BBQ Festival Big Shed

Big Shed Brewing are bringing a brewery with them to Beer & BBQ Festival

Not that most of us craft beer lovers needed another reason to attend the reinstated winter version of the Beer and BBQ Festival, but Big Shed may just have something a little extra for you.

For those of who have dabbled in the home brewing arena, bottling up your own average variations of the Coopers kit and telling everyone how good it is, why not come and see how the pros do it? Big Shed are bringing their original 45L brewing kit and their friend Doc Robinson from Doctor’s Orders Brewing, to the festival with the intention of brewing a beer on site that will end on tap at their brewery a few weeks later.

The guys from Big Shed are no strangers to bringing the fun to these events. Festivities from the summer edition of Beer & BBQ Fest included a house DJ and the guys from Bar Bocce, making use of the extra space to bring their own seating, creating a little oasis inside the festival itself. For the winter edition, Craig from Big Shed says the overwhelmingly positive feedback they received only encouraged them to “take it up a notch”.

“The brewery we are bringing will be our original sabco kit we imported when Jason and I 1st got serious about turning our passion into a business. It can make 45L of beer at a time and while that is tiny, the process is not different to that used in our operation at Royal Park. The plan at this stage is to make a beer on Saturday arvo with our good mate, Doc Robinson from Doctor’s Orders Brewing in Sydney.”

Punters with a ticket to the Saturday (day) session will have the opportunity to see the brewing process up close and ask questions about why things are done a certain way. Types of malt, temperatures, hop additions and yeast variations, a live, hands on brewing masterclass. The best part, you can drink beer while they do all the work and leave without having to do any cleaning. Bringing a smile of relief to home brewers everywhere. The recipe itself is yet to be decided but if you are familiar with Big Shed and in particular with some of their old Dr Shedlove releases with Doc Robinson, then we’re likely in for a treat. In addition to the brew kit, the Bar Bocce guys and the DJ will be back alongside pinnies, some favourites from the Big Shed kitchen and a few showground inspired treats.

Our goal when we do events like ABBF is to try and bring the Big Shed experience to those who may not have been to the brewery. Initially we did that through the beer, but also the banter and fun our crew bring to work daily, they are a key component. We are doing what we can to bring the total experience this year to ABBF. We all got knocked around so much last year and we are so appreciative to be able to have these events we really want to go all out.

Tickets to the winter edition of the festival are selling quickly, full weekend passes are sold out and most sessions are in their final stage of release. Grab them while you still can via the link below.

For those interested in having a closer look at the brewing process, the Saturday Day session (Beer Geek, A Hop Odyssey) is the one you need!


Fri 23/7 : Bright Lights, Beer City (5pm-midnight)18+

Feat. Bodyjar, 28 Days, SCABZ, DJ Mermaid, the Royal Adelaide Beer & Cider Awards + heaps more with your host Henry Wagons

Sat 24/7: Beer Geek, A Hop Odyssey (11am-5pm) 18+

Feat. Riot City Wrestling, Fireside BBQ Comp, Wine Country, Panel Discussions, Masterclasses, Skate Demos + heaps more with your host Henry Wagons

Sat 24/7: Top of the Hops (6pm-midnight) 18+

Feat. The Smith Street Band, Wagons, Jess Locke, DJ Mermaid + heaps more

Sun 25/7: Hair of the Dog (11am-6pm) *Family and dog friendly

Feat. Beer Bod Champs, Riot City Wrestling, Wine Country, Panels, Skate Demos, Best Dressed Dog Contest + heaps more with your host Henry Wagons

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september, 2021